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It’s been a busy and exciting beginning of the 2013! Thanks for all of you support along the way on my social feeds. I’m excited to announce the launch of my own fitness “Butt Lift” DVD for the nationally acclaimed workout series “10 Minute Solutions”. It is a butt, and thigh scorcher! 10 Minute Solution is made of 5- 10 minute workouts, but I threw in an extra abdominal workout to transform your total lower body. You can watch each DVD separately if you’re pressed for time or you can combine all 6 workouts for a total lower body make-over and one kick ass workout.

Butt Lift includes HIIT and cardio to torch calories and shed fat, it includes Pilates and ballet for toning exercises that lengthen while you tone, and it includes athletic training drills to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular insurance.  Get ready for a tone lifted booty, sleek long legs, and a tight tummy.  The only bad news is you won’t be able to purchase the series, found in Target, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com, until October. Boo! However, just keep checking out my website, youtube channel, facebook fan page, and twitter for all my free workouts, nutritional advice, and recipes for your best body now!

My Cute Set!!

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Wardrobe – That’s a lot of hot pants!!



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