10 Minute Dinner: Halibut and Veggies



10 minute dinner tonight!

I just bought a bamboo steamer and I am in love!!!! I threw cabbage leaves as steam barier under broccolini on one layer and halibut with sliced onion and peppers on the second layer with parchment paper. I added a little lemon, salt and pepper to fish. In 6 minutes everything was prepared. While it steamed I threw 1 small tomato, the rest of red bell paper and yellow pepper (about 1/2 each), 2 tablespoon of fresh parsley (from my garden), with salt and pepper to make the chilled topping for fish. Then I blended my recipe for my low-fat protein packed guacamole, that makes a great dip or topping for everything and used it to for broccolini. I even ate the cabbage which was just supposed to be used as a tool to create a barrie in steamer between layers. This steamer is my new best friend!


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