Inside Weddings: Bridal Fitness with Christine Bullock

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Check out my quick pre-wedding workout with must have exercises that will tone your upper body, sculpt your lower body and turbo charge calorie burn!  Click the picture below for the entire article and workout.

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Planning a wedding can be time consuming, but brides will be able to fit in these quick workouts from fitness insider, Christine Bullock. Bullock gives Inside Weddings an exclusive, first-look at easy, at-home exercises that will whip brides into shape before their big day. 

Bridal gowns highlight two areas: the upper body and the waistline. For the ultimate effect, focus on exercises for the arms, upper back, chest, front abdominals, lower back, and obliques. These exercises will concentrate on toning the upper-body and waist but also give a full-body workout.

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