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Sculpt your booty with my new PopSugar workout!

This last week, I visited the people at PopSugar to shoot a workout to help you tone your tush! The workout is posted on the fitness side of the site, FitSugar, where they dish out the latest on fitness and healthy eating tips. And if you’ve been living under a rock, PopSugar is one of the biggest sites anywhere on the web for celebrity news and fitness, pulling in 250 million hits every month. Their workout videos always have some of the most upbeat and hottest new workouts from top trainers. FitSugar 1 The 10 minute butt routine—Your Review Rescue!—is an interval workout mixing high intensity drills, plyometrics, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and even dance. It’s a balanced workout that works the entire body while focusing every exercise on the many muscles and motions of the glutes to sculpt a “well-rounded” booty! If you stick with it, I promise you’ll turn heads and keep them looking! FitSugar Collage The entire team at PopSugar was so friendly, welcoming, and easy to shoot with.  Their fitness star and host, Anna Renderer (@annarenderer), is even more fit in person, if that is possible, and a complete joy to be around. You may also know Dani for her background work in many of the FitSugar videos. Don’t let the fact that she typically takes the modified exercises fool you—she is one strong cookie. FitSugar 4Be sure to check out the video here. Thanks so much to Anna, Dani, everyone at PopSugar, and to you for following along!

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