30 X 30 Transformation- Take the challenge now!

Calling all believers!! Mindvalley leader Vishen Lakhiani and self healing guru Dr. Mancini combined their expertise in healing arts with mine in physical arts to create a complete MIND BODY strengthening program. This 30-day program is designed to fit into the busy schedule of modern day society, demanding ONLY 30 minutes of your day, which is Totally Transformationally doable if you ask me!




In this program you’ll be able to:

1. Eliminate your limiting beliefs with daily Mind Reconditioning
2. Engage in powerful guided meditations
3. Work- out with me for just 10 minutes a day! My workouts are designed to boost your caloric burn rate and metabolism, which will help you see results in no time!

All you need is 30 minutes a day-that is it!

For more information on this transformational, butt- kicking program, check out this link—-> 30X30 Total Transformation

I will also be offering my individual fitness program for single purchase SOON as well, so keep an eye out!



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