Healthy Holiday Traditions

I know the last couple of days before Christmas call for crazy, time crunching schedules and to-do lists to gear up for the upcoming Holiday. We’ve all created unhealthy habits surrounding holiday season like eliminating our workouts, eating comfort foods, and running ourselves ragged. TIME TO MAKE YOUR OWN HOLIDAY HEALTH TRADITIONS and take care of yourself throughout this busy season.

Here are a few of the tricks and traditions I’ve started so I’m not starting at ground zero on New Year’s Day!

1. Remind yourself of how much you’ve accomplished-Now that Holidays are coming up (especially Halloween!), it’s easier to over-indulge on the weekends once you’ve met your weight-loss goals. In order to prevent weight gain and lose all of what you worked for, keep a picture of yourself in your purse or wallet to remind yourself how hard you worked to get to the weight/image you wanted for bikini season. It’s a good way to stay motivated, and less tempted when attending parties or get-togethers. 

2. Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced breakfast daily-You should know that skipping breakfast is not an option for a healthy lifestyle plan. In fact, eating breakfast gives your body the perfect amount of energy to jump-start your day. Also, by starting your day off with a healthy, balanced breakfast, will set the tone for the day and have you opting for healthier meals and snacks throughout the day. 

3. Workout While It’s Still Light Out – It’s easy to hide out during the fall/winter seasons. Studies show that your body has more energy when working out while it’s early and light out than when it’s darker outside.

4. Comfort Food Crackdown – A drop in temperature screams warm comfort meals like filled with bad fats, simple carbohydrates, and toxic sugars. Eat this and your energy and beauty will plummet (just in time for the holiday family photo). You can indulge with everyone else, just find a healthy alternative using wholesome natural foods found in nature. These are full of beautifying nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, while still being completely satisfying to the tastebuds.  

5. Change up your workout –I don’t know about you, but I personally like to change my workouts every couple of weeks to prevent boredom and stay motivated. Try to stay open minded to new activities, which may include going outside for a jog, or even a fun park workout. Going to the gym and doing the same 30 min’s on the elliptical or the same ab workout exercise will just not cut it. Evolution20 is launching December 26th, just in time for the really cold months. Every day is a different workout and everything can be done in the comfort of your own home!

6. And Finally…Get more sleep: Not only will improving your sleep help prevent you from overeating.

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