A Fast Full Body Workout | The Last 5 Ep. #3

Check out Anna’s progress! I’m so impressed. She’s not only toning up and reaching her fitness goals, but she has become way more confident in her workouts and fitness ability. We can all empathize with starting a new program and feeling a bit uncoordinated or out of shape. But Anna shows it only takes a few weeks and dedication to become your own personal fitness model.

Anna does just that in the 3rd episode of ‘The Last 5’ where she demonstrates all the exercises in a bonus Evolution20 workout I’ve created for everyone! This workout is a full body blast, no props needed. It’s broken into 4 sections, each are 5 minutes. In each section, there are two strength training moves, which you repeat twice. Then, the last minute has a plyometric burst! Perform each exercise for 50 seconds and take 10 second rest. Watch to learn the moves and let us know what you think of the show so far!

Disclosure: Thank you to Sports Authority for providing us with the gear featured in this video on behalf of Under Armour.


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