I Hit My Weight Loss Goal! | The Last 5 Ep. 6

Two months ago Anna Fryxell from Mixed Makeup started on my Evolution20 Diet and Fitness Program. We worked together to make over Anna’s diet and exercise routine and we recorded her progress for TheLast5. Not only did Anna reach her weight loss goal, but she took away some great lessons and tips to incorporate into her new healthy lifestyle. Watch this final episode of TheLast5 to find out which pointers really worked for Anna — and to see the reveal of Anna’s final measurements and weight! Head over to Evolution20.com to start your transformation today!

Congrats Anna! I had a blast working with you! You are such an inspiration. Stay consistent with your workout, eat mindfully and don’t forget to have fun.


Head over to MixedMakeup.com to watch the entire series and bonus videos!

Christine Bullock: @ChristineBullock
Anna Fryxell: @AnnaFryxell
Mixed Makeup: @MixedMakeup

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  • taylor

    February 10, 2015 at 11:45 am Reply

    Wow awesome job – super inspiring. Seems like the recipe for losing weight just seems to be being consistent with your workout and eating healthier. I also read here http://upcominghealth.com/maintain-weight-loss/ that getting more sleep will actually help you in your weight loss journey. Have you heard that? Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    • Christine

      February 19, 2015 at 4:37 pm Reply

      Thanks Taylor. I will check it out!

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