Beat the BRRRRRR

I am a big believer in workout variety. The gym is a great resource, but knowing how to work out in other ways and other places is a must. Just this past weekend I supplemented my usual gym session with a paddle boarding date, a beach jog and some restorative yoga. Challenging your body to adapt to a variety of workouts actually makes you a stronger, better athlete –PLUS variety is fun! 

My go-to gym alternatives are usually outdoor activities. I love breathing in fresh air and observing nature while I work out. The only problem with outdoor workouts is weather! I am lucky to be graced with the California sunshine on most days, but I do occasionally find myself itching to workout when the weather is not so inviting.  

FIX has put together a great article on overcome the elements and cold weather workout safety. Exercising right in the Winter is all about planning, layering and what you do before you get out the door to ensure a safe and productive workout. This one is a must for my East Coast girls!

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