Body Confident Babes

In our world of celebrity magazines, plastic surgery and fad diets, body confidence can be a hard concept to wrap you head around. But, it is so important that you find your self-love and your confidence from within. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves. Here are some unique and super effective ways to boost your body confidence.
1. Grooming.
Grooming works wonders for your body and beauty confidence. Prioritize getting squeaky clean, smelling delicious, shaving your legs, moisturizing… maybe putting on some makeup if that’s what feels good to you. These simple steps not only make you look presentable but, more importantly make you feel presentable.
2. Posture.
Stand with confidence to be more confident. Standing tall with good posture forces you to present yourself, unguarded to the world and when you do that you are acknowledging n accepting your own bod.
3. Tell Yourself What You Want To See.
I have plenty of mornings where I wake up, take a glance in the mirror and think “fat belly or look at thunder thighs”. But I’ve learned the more I speak negatively to my inner warrior the more she believes it and creates it. So even when I’m not looking my best, I say “look at that tiny waistline or damn you arms are looking hot today”! The more I say it the more I create it into existence. Plus, it puts a big smile on my face to have fun and not take my appearance so seriously.
What do you do to boost your body confidence? Instead of falling into the body bashing self talk that we ladies are sometimes prone to — let’s start the opposite conversation. Share your tips in the comments below.
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