A Glimpse at Gyrotonics: A mixture of yoga, dance, tai chi and swimming

Running, stair climber, box jumps—they all focus on movement of joints in one plane of motion. I don’t know about you but my body started to feel the wear and tear of these simple movements after awhile. Have you felt the same joint pain, tightness along your spine, hip pressure during squats, neck soreness to name just a bit?  If you are, it’s time to get back to the basics.

Consider the basic movements you do in everyday life: reaching for a book on the top shelf, twisting to grab a  cup of tea or crouching down to tie your shoe. You can see most functional movements move along more than one plane and so should your workout. Gyrotonics takes movement to a new level, guiding each joint through many planes of motion to regain youthful movement.

Gyrotonic is a training method based in principles of yoga, dance, tai chi, and swimming. Unlike weight training (and most workouts), there’s an emphasis on rotation and spiraling movement that doesn’t have an end point. You use handles and pulleys to enable sweeping, arcing movements, and there’s a fluid quality that goes hand in hand with your breathing.

Part of the appeal to me personally was the connection of yogic breathing with ballet flow using equipment that keeps my joints healthy through safe guided movement. Regular Gyrotonic practice also builds core strength, balance, coordination, and agility. It’s important to find an excellent instructor with plenty of experience. I love my instructor Rosey, who owns Gyrotonic Marina Del Rey. She has used gyrotonics to improve her dance, climbing, yoga – you name it she rocks it! Check her out @gyrotonicmarinadelrey and check out a glimpse of our workout in fast forward.


Here are five more reasons to break out of your forward-facing routine and try Gyrotonic:

1.Whittle your waist. In addition to strengthening the deep abdominal muscles around your waistline, Gyrotonic also helps slim your midsection by improving posture (so you stand taller) and eliminating fluid and bloating from your middle.

2. Sculpt long, lean muscles. The emphasis on elongation of the muscle during strength training create longer, leaner muscle.

3. Detox. “The constant motion—arching, curling, spiraling, moving from your core, breathing methods—helps to prevent stagnation in the body by promoting removal of waste and lymph fluids,” Carlucci-Martin says.

4. Confident and Comfortable PosturePracticing Gyrotonic regularly improved my posture through decompressing the spin (so I stand taller), opening the sternum and chest (reducing my neck pain and supporting a better mood), and opening through the hips which reduces low back pain.

5. Focus your mind. The exercises engage the whole body and mind, while coordinating breath with movement. I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed but also like I’ve had a workout, which is a wonderful combination.

If you are looking for safe and effective exercises like gyrotonics without the expense of private classes or big machines, try Evolution 20. I developed each of the 11 workouts included in the 60-day program to incorporate dynamic movement. These exercises are more effective because they require whole body movements, meaning you are toning all over more quickly and burning more calories. They also balance the body providing increased flexibility, mobility and strength! Check out Evolution20.com for more!


by: Christine Bullock

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