The Ultima Hydration

Hydration is essential for a healthy functioning body and a healthy pregnancy. Drinking water can prevent many pregnancy complications like headaches, nausea, crams, heart burn, indigestion, edema, bladder infections, hemorrhoids, and preeclampsia. It’s especially important during the third trimester when dehydration can actually cause contractions that trigger preterm labour.

I find I often forget to drink water during the busiest parts of my day leading to mid-day dehydration. Then when I try to re-hydrate with a few glasses of water I still have the signs of de-hydrations like fatigue and hunger because our water supply is depleted from the minerals and vitamins it once had that create deep cellular hydration and body homeostasis. Here is a mixture I drink daily and have my clients drink throughout their pregnancy and labor as well. It’s also so great for kids to drink after physical activity.


  1. Start with clean water. We have a filter on our entire house along with the Kangen water filtration system in our kitchen. I recommend Smart Water, Voss or Fiji as the best brands for a balanced PH (avoid plastic bottles).
  2. Add 1 scoop of the ULTIMA electrolyte sugar free plant based powder. The grape tastes delicious! Cramping is one of the most obvious signs of electrolyte imbalance, but proper balance of electrolytes have an even larger affect on the nervous, cardiac, digestive and muscular systems.  (Athletes: Normal body function, and athletic performance, are severely compromised if adequate levels of electrolytes are not present, especially in the heat.)
  3. Then add a few drops of CELL FOOD to put clean oxygen into the body and help oxygenate the cells. Give this a sip because it tastes delicious and the next step may change the taste of drink.
  4. Lastly, add few drops of TRACE MINERALS.  Our soil has been depleted of essential minerals, in turn depleting our food and water. Thus most of us are deficient in the necessary minerals that support healthy joints, bones, skin and hair along with replacing electrolyte loss and balancing PH. Trace minerals have a salty taste so you may prefer to just take a quick shot of these separately then enjoy the electrolyte mixture and cell food separately.

I still drink plenty of plain water throughout the day, but I recommend drinking one glass of this mixture a day for everyone – pregnant or not.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.16.25 PMIf you are looking for added water and lipid hydration to double up and treat your skin form the outside-in, check out The Body Beautiful Crème or the Daily Remodeling Serum for a lighter texture from Kayo Better Body Care. Both contain Hyaluronic Acid, which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water helping to retain every little drop and our signature Kayo Omega Blend that nourishes the cellular lipid wall helping to increase optimal cell function and enhance your beauty.

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