The Best Pre-natal Squat

Give your baby some space to flourish by adding the Malasana Squat to your practice everyday!

I recommend this deep squat also known as Garland Pose, to all my pregnant clients. This is a superb pose to ease the strain of the final months of pregnancy.  It’s inclusion in a prenatal yoga regime can ease labor and delivery, as well as alleviate common complaints of late pregnancy like low back pain, tight hips, urinary incontinence, and constipation.

unspecified-1Directions: Come to squat on your mat with your feet about hips distance apart from one another, and try to bring your heels to the floor (if your heels do not reach the floor simply
place a blanket under them to support them in a position that is comfortable for you). Your feet do not need to be parallel to one another in the squat and your toes will most likely be angled towards the upper corners of your mat. Give your belly plenty of space (especially during the later months of your pregnancy) by widening the space between your knees and separating your feet further if necessary. Bring your palms together in front of your chest (heart), so that your elbows push against the inside of your knees in order to intensify the opening of the hips. Stay here for 30 seconds to one minute and feel the juicy stretch throughout your hips and back. Repeat at least 5 a day.

  • Breath: Use ujjayi breath during this pose to help you breathe calmly and fully. Mentally send breath to any parts of your body that may be feeling intense sensation in the pose in order to create space.

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