Tried and True – My Newborn Must-Haves

Calling motherhood exhausting is an understatement. From learning all your newborn’s needs to learning how to provide them those needs is endless (and probably never ending). My saving grace is sleep and innovative baby products.
When selecting the best products for my baby, I use Lincoln’s advice. Give him 6 hours to cut a tree and he will take 5 hours to sharpen his axe. I used months of research prior to baby and have now tested all my favorite products. These have helped tremendously in feeding a gassy baby, comforting a restless sleeper, and allowing us to easily travel through 6 countries all while being functional and stylish.
Watch my video re-cap of all my favorite newborn products!

Pampers Swaddlers with Wetness Indicator: These are necessary for the partners who need an EASY button. Bob loved these and was more likely to change the diaper when needed because it told him too. The line changes color as soon as the diapers are wet! It is so handy.
Honest Company: Honest has a subscription that makes diaper ordering easy! Plus they are very stylish so your little one can roll, crawl and run around pant-less all they want.
Aden & Anais: The softest and stylish gear for baby clean up (plus they have cute clothing)! We have over a dozen of these swaddles because we use them to swaddle her, clean up, play on, or block her from the environment on walks. There are endless uses. They also have my #1 choice for clean up bibs. The soft material absorbs the liquids and food. 
Coveted Things: I came across these beauties and just knew I had to have some for Remi! They’re so unique and have such cute sayings on them. We will cherish these for a long time.
DockATot: Every parent needs a DockATot – no question. As new parents with a newborn we were nervous every night while Remi slept. Bob constantly checked her breathing. Thus, she slept with us but she was too tiny to sleep in the bed for fear of rolling on her. Remi would sleep peacefully (unlike us) in her DockATot in-between us. The tall and firm edges prevent her from her rolling out or us rolling in. We used this in the crib when she was still very small (and couldn’t roll yet) as well. We even travel with the DockATot! It is her bed wherever we travel. She’s almost grown out now so we have upgraded to the toddler size and I’m patiently awaiting the parent size.
Kickee Pants: At just 6 pounds when born, Remi didn’t fit in any clothing but Kickee Pants. But even as she has grown these remain our favorite pajama and at-home play clothing. They are luxurious soft and oh-so cute. Now they even make mom sizes so we match!
Lil’ Lemons: This is my go-to brand for stylish day clothing. You can close your eyes and point and still have dressed the most stylish kid on the block. Use code Christinebul20 for $50 off! 
Dr. Brown’s Bottles: Remi was a tiny baby and since she was adopted she went straight to formula. The combination made for a sensitive belly. We quickly learned these were the best bottles and nipples for Remi. Immediately her gas was reduced using their innovative technology. I read the only complaint was the steps putting together the bottles – but seriously parent – it is so easy! 
Baby Brezza Formula Pro: Thank you to the wonderful friend who bought this as a gift for me. This has been a time saver. One press button and it makes the perfectly heated and mixed formula. I miss it so much when we travel.
Out and About:
Paperclip Life Diaper Bag: I found the most chic diaper bag on the market. No it’s not designer, because why would I spend that money on something Remi will eventually destroy? This diaper bag was created by two men for men (and women). Bob loves it so much, he carries it 100% of the time when we are together and we get endless compliments. Not only is it stylish, it is also functional with plenty of compartments and a fold out changing station. 

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