DockATot – Our Saving Grace

Every parent needs a DockATot – no question. As new parents with a newborn we were nervous every night while Remi slept. Bob constantly checked her breathing. Thus, she slept with us but she was too tiny to sleep in the bed for fear of rolling on her. 
Our saving grace was the DockATot. Remi would sleep peacefully (unlike us) in her DockATot in-between us. The tall and firm edges prevented her from her rolling out or us rolling in. We used this in the crib when she was still very small (and couldn’t roll yet) as well because she couldn’t sleep unless she felt very protected. She needed the tightly wrapped swaddle and our arms or the edges of the DockATot to sleep peacefully for the first few months of her life. 

DockATot - Our Saving Grace

It’s been wonderful for her to play in up to 6 months as well. She can lay in it and watch the mobile overhead, she can safely and comfortably practice tummy time and she can even practice sitting up.
We even travel with the DockATot! It is her bed and play area wherever we travel. I pack it into one side of the suitcase and then put her other stuff inside. She’s almost grown out now so we have upgraded to the toddler size and I’m patiently awaiting the parent size. Thank you DockATot!
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 Of course the DockATot is one of my Newborn Must-Haves! Check out the rest of  my NewBorn Must-Haves in the video below:

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