10-Minute Butt Lift Workout | Reshape in Record Time

Reshape in Record Time with this 10-minute Butt Lift workout I’m going to teach you today.

Follow along as I show you:

– A Two-Part Plié Squat

– A Touchdown Kick

– A Roll-Up Jump

– A WHAT squat? A Rond De Jamb Squat! My fellow ballerinas will recognize this one 🙂

– A Draw Bridge


Do each of these exercises for one-minute and then repeat the exercises again (switching legs this time for the Touchdown Kicks, the Rond De Jamb Squats and the Draw Bridge)


What are your favorite butt-lifting workouts? Let me know below in the comments.

And if you like what you see check out my full workout series, Evolution 20, at http://evolution20.com

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