What Adoption Has Meant To Us

Our family has been blessed beyond measure from start to finish and thereafter during the adoption process. We had always talked of adoption and it was a requirement for me to even date seriously, but you never know if you will follow through. The process can feel a little daunting and scary at the beginning. Luckily, we just jumped right in and didn’t think about it too much. 

 Remi Rain

In the beginning, one of my favorite parts is the parenting classes at Vista Del Mar where you meet other families in the process of adoption and the best part by far is the home visits. Chantilly was our social worker and she couldn’t have made us feel more comfortable to share our family and home with her. During the process we were asked to tell our love story and why we love the other partner. If not for this adoption request, I would have never sat down to define the love and experiences I have had with my husband and reassure us why we are perfect to adopt and love our future child.

Making the family portfolio also stands out as a meaningful time where I could put our entire extended family, community and relationship into pictures and a story for potential biological families. This is also where you may get the heart flutters because as you apply to families it can be a little nerve recking. That’s quite normal, but know that if passed up it’s because the perfect child is yet to come. I’m a bit “in tune” with the world and I told my husband the first 2 families we applied to were not the one – and they did not end up selecting us. But through that experience we began to have more fun with our family portfolio showing how silly we are (we were a little more straight laced at first for fear of rejection) and with that third portfolio we were selected by the birth parents of Remington Rain because they were looking for a fun family. 

We built a wonderful relationship with our birth parents and even spent some personal time with them in their home town two months before the birth. During the birth we spent the day prior with them, went to her last doctor’s appointment and sat in her hospital room with her until she left for the birth. After the birth we all spent the next few days together in and out of the hospital. My fondest memory is passing Remi between all of us and showering her with love. I wanted us all to be part of her birth story and her first week of life.

The magic did not stop there, when we returned home my husband wrote a thank you to Vista Del Mar on their facebook page. Another mother read this, noted the details of where and when Remington was born and figured out that her adopted daughter was the half-sister of Remi and they lived only 15 minutes away! It is all destined in the end. It seems like a lot at the beginning but the entire process from start to birth was only 6 months for us. We loved adopting so much, we are already in the process to adopt again. Remi has blessed our family abundantly with joy, laughter and peace. I wish you all the same.

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