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My Love for Bay Club!

Over the past few months I have been thrilled with my membership at the Bay Clubs and, because the membership is so incredible, I wanted to take a moment to share about it with you all.


The Bay Clubs are health clubs that can be found throughout Northern and Southern California. Sports, fitness, and family are their key motivators and the hospitality here truly is one-of-a-kind.

At the Bay Clubs, aside from the traditional exercise classes and machines, you can also find full-sized basketball courts, championship golf courses, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, newly-renovated squash courts, and heated pools year-round. From the various delicious dining options to the gatherings at the social clubs and a phenomenal spa, the Bay Club amenities truly stand out. There are also kid programs that are great. I love that I can drop Remi off for an hour while I work out. They have fun weekly events that Remi and I love to participate in and she’s made so many friends from it. I get so much work done in the business center too, and love that I can run and grab a delicious bite to eat when I need a little break. Everything you could need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle is an option here and my husband, daughter and I are thrilled with our membership. With so many options that suit each of our needs and wants, there’s always something to do!

(In fact, we are excited to be attending their family Pumpkin  decorating event this Wednesday! Stay tuned to my Instagram to see what we create!)

Find out more about the Bay Clubs by clicking:

Bay Club

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