Yummy Tummy: Core Exercises for the Pregnant Mummy

It is vitally important that pregnant women have strong abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles help support the weight of the pregnancy, protect the lower back from strain and discomfort, and can help you bounce back faster post-pregnancy. However, many women don't exercise these muscles as they should during the pregnancy, for fear of somehow hurting the baby. Luckily, You can continue to tone the stomach...


Upper Body Baby Blast: Prenatal Fitness

Working out while pregnant can sometimes feel like an uncomfortable chore, but maintaining a strong upper body during pregnancy has many benefits. Strengthening the upperback while opening the chest can help to decrease low back pain from the lordosis (sway back) that occurs with weight gain in belly and it can decrease neck tightness by engaging muscles in the mid-back. Get your biceps and...