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You can get them delivered, you could buy them at Whole Foods, you can even make them yourselves. With so many options for cleanses available, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Many factors can determine your selection in detox cleanses: pricing, flavor, ingredients, whether you want solely juice or raw food, even a choice in plastic or glass bottles. There are also many benefits of purchasing one of the bigger named cleanses, including the access and support to an online nutritionist.

As you begin to cleanse the toxins from the body, you will naturally begin to crave ‘healthy’ foods that provide nutrients to the body and fight disease. You will also notice when you eat nutrient lacking foods that you’ll start to feel tired or lethargic. To begin, a 3-day cleanse is your best option, repeated a few times a year. The first one or two may be difficult for a novice, but cleanses become less taxing on the system the more you do them and the cleaner your daily diet is. Before you dive in, continue reading for a comparison of 7 cleanses to find out which one is best for you.

1. Suja Cleanses:

SUJA means ‘long, beautiful life’ in ancient Hindu, and this fantastic new and local company out of San Diego will provide just that. Suja makes nutrient-packed juices that provide the ultimate 100% organic juice fix. In addition to the 11 core beverages, Suja offers cleanse packages, designed to target specific areas of health like hydration, detoxification and energy. Suja offers a 1, 3 or 5 day cleanses comprised of Glow, Fuel, Purify, Fiji, Green Supreme and Vanilla Cloud. Various lifestyle packages in order to provide consumers with a custom experience that fits with every schedule are also available.

Their juices are made with 100% organic fruits, vegetables and all natural sweeteners, and preserve maximal amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other vital elements for a great nutritional value with a fresh, clean taste. You can have Suja delivered right to your doorstep, or you can use their in-store locator to find out where Suja is being sold near you!

2. The BluePrint Cleanse:

Created by two bartenders and sold in the always accessible Whole Foods, the BluePrint Cleanses are very appealing 6-drinks-a-day juice cleanses (and the one I most recently went on. Read my journaled thoughts on the cleanse here). There are a variety of cleanses to choose from, but they advertise 3 main cleanses which range in levels of difficulty from beginner to intermediate and advanced:

                 -Renovator for beginners:Referred to as the ‘gateway cleanse,’ the Renovator combines six drinks a day including fruit juices like pineapple and mint, lemonade with agave nectar, green juices and cashew nut milk with vanilla and cinnamon. The drinks are all designed to help those who have never cleansed before jump right in.

                -Foundation for intermediates: This cleanse is for those in the ‘middle of the [juice cleanse] road.’ Using different combinations of the same types of juices, the Foundation cleanse targets people who are active and busy, who exercise and have tried diets, but can’t always get their hands on the right fresh food, or maybe don’t have the time. You ‘lose some serious baggage’ in the process, and is a bit more intense than the Renovator.

               -Excavation for advanced: The most intense of the BluePrint cleanses, this one is designed to combine juices that will help restore your alkaline balance, inundate your body with chlorophyll, and helps your body seriously unearth all toxins. This cleanse is for those who watch what they put into their body and know the amazing effects of being healthy and clean. It focuses on lots of leafy green juices, a spicy lemonade mix and a cashew nut milk.

-Each cleanse will cost you $65 dollars a day. They do deliver, or you can use an app on their website to find out the nearest location that sells them. They also provide you with cleansing instructions, a cooler bag, and email support if you need it.

3. Cooler Cleanse: 

Co-founded by Salma Hayek, this cleanse often gets a lot of buzz because of it’s big name star attachment. It’s a 6-drinks-a-day juice cleanse that includes one nut milk. They offer 3 or 5 day cleanses and you have the ability to choose which juices appeal to you, a main difference between the Blueprint Cleanse, which selects the drinks for you. The cleanses cost $58 dollars per day, plus a bit more if you have it delivered.

4. On the Go 3:

Another option in 6-drinks-a-day juice cleanses. Each cleanse comes with a guide and PH testing strips to test the results of your cleanse as you go. Available for online order, $70 a day.

5. Pressed Juicery:

This is another cleanse that I have tried and liked. Pressed Juicery offers 3 different types of cleanses for your level, either beginner, intermediate or advanced. They are a 6-drinks-a-day juice cleanse that includes nut milk for $70 a day. You have the option to choose each of your drinks online or from any of their 4 locations throughout Los Angeles. They’re local for us Angelenos, which is always a plus!

6. Master Cleanse:

If you’ve heard of any cleanse, you’ve heard of the Master Cleanse. Created in the 1940’s by Stanley Burroughs, this cleanse has been around for quite some time. It has had many a rebirth since then, with another popular book published by a fan of the cleanse, Peter Glickman. Permitting no food, the Master cleanse substitutes tea and lemonade made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

In a nutshell, the Master Cleanse gives you only the lemonade concoction for nourishment, suggesting 6-12 glasses per day. Each glass contains about 110 calories in sugar carbohydrates. They suggest that an herbal laxative tea is drunk at night and a quart of salt water is drunk first thing in the morning, which does result in liquid bowel movements everyday. To come off of the Master Cleanse, transition to solid food over a few days. If you follow Stanley Burroughs’ ultimate path, you’ll ideally become a raw food vegetarian after you finish your Master Cleanse. You can make the drink on your own, or purchase a pre-made master cleanse powder.

7. Food Cleanses: 

There are many different types of food cleanses you can try to detox your body. Here are a few, citing the Pros and Cons of each:

                 -Fruit Fasts: Eating only fresh, preferably organic fruit. Pros: Good amount of fiber and enzymes to keep your body energized, aiding in detox. Cons: Possibility of it being too much sugar for the body.

                -Raw Food Diet: This diet removes all animal products, wheat, processed food, soy, hydrogenated fats, fried foods, processed sugars, eggs, peanuts and alcohol. When you eat something, it is not heated over 115 degrees. Pros: The fiber, vitamins and enzymes keep the body energized and cleansed. Cons: extra gas and bloating are expected.

              – Alkalizing Diet: Removes meat, eggs, peanuts, and ‘acidic food.’ It focuses on leafy greens, broccoli, avocado and raw almonds. Pros: It replaces foods that contribute to illness and disease, and replaces with balancing foods that put your body back on track. Cons: The diet is very restrictive and can be bland.

             -Anti-Inflammation/Elimination Diet: Removes allergen food like dairy, wheat, corn, soy concentrated fruit juices, processed foods, fried foods, caffeine, alcohol, eggs and peanuts. Pros: It gets to the root of the matter by eliminating internal inflammation, the source of most disease. Cons: Is restrictive, but only temporary.

8. Psyllium husk and bentonite clay: 

I started my cleansing three years ago with the psyllium husk and bentonite clay cleanse, and it’s not as daunting as the juice cleanses. During this first cleanse, I ate the alkalizing diet along with the psyllium husk and bentonite clay. This is the ultimate cleansing of the bowels, and you can see results immediately. What the psyllium husk and bentonite clay does is remove waste from your colon, which allows bowel to be cleaned and able to absorb nutrients again. Psyllium is a common ingredient in laxatives. It is a soluble fiber that comes from the seeds of the herb Plantago ovate. Bentonite clay is used for many purposes including detoxification, and it comes from volcanic ash. There is a possibility of constipation while on this cleanse, but taking vitamin C or magnesium can help with that.

If you search online, you can find many recipes that you can create from home that include psyllium husk and bentonite clay.

**It’s also important to know that certain people shouldn’t cleanse. Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should never restrict solid food. Children under the age of 18 shouldn’t cleanse. If you have a serious illness, are diabetic, or are taking medicine for heart disease, it’s best to talk to your doctor before you decided to cleanse with juice.

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