This Runner’s Fuel // Empowering strong, fit, women

Since 2013, Women’s Health has held a competition to find the next face of fitness scouring the US for the best, up-and-coming trainer. Women’s Health puts the full-force of its star-making power behind the winner by creating and distributing the trainer’s own DVD series; prominently featuring her in the magazine and on its website; and leveraging other assets of its parent company, Rodale (which also publishes books).

I can’t think of a better way to empower the winner of this contest by showcasing their love of fitness, while at the same enabling her to help others reach their full potential and goals. As a serious runner, it’s so incredibly rewarding to inspire someone to begin their own running journey and improve their own overall lifestyle. So, it’s a great honor to help give Christine Bullock the opportunity to inspire and help others..


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