MixedMakeup Winners of Evolution20!

We all know that the last five pounds can be the hardest to lose, but instead of focus on the number, why not make it about living a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape. That’s why @Mixedmakeup and I  came up with our latest series called The Last 5. For a little motivation, we’ll watch Anna Fryxell get into the best shape of her life with guidance from me! There  will be some trials and tribulations along the way, but it’s all worth it to get the body you’ve always wanted.



But that’s not all, we kicked off The Last 5 with a very special giveaway- a chance to win a digital download of my newest 60-day fitness program called Evolution20. We’ve selected three special winners. And the names are…(drum roll!)


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.39.54 PM

Evolution20 Winners:

Julie Chae

Katye Freelon

Anne Cayetano

Congratulations to these winners! I can’t wait to hear and see pictures of your success! Continue to watch Anna Fryxell get in the best shape of her life on The Last 5.

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