Move Monday // Push-Up with Side Plank

Happy Move Monday! Hi Friends — Let’s get those endorphins flowing and start this week off right! For the past two weeks we have been focusing on the lower body with Bridge Kicks and Plie Attitude Squats. This week we’re adding in a push-up with a twist to work our upper bodies and obliques.output_qAGVgO


Week 3: Push-up with Side Plank:

Begin in plank with hands under shoulders and feet hip distance. Brace your core, bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor into a push up. Press into the floor to lift the body back to plank. Open the chest to the right, lifting into a side plank, reaching right arm to the sky.  Lower right arm to the ground, lower chest and returning to plank. Complete the move 20 times alternating sides as you go.


Add this effective full-body complex move to your workouts all week to working the upper body, lower body and core. Try increasing the number of reps as you gain strength in your arms and stability in your core.

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