Move Monday // Frog Press

Happy Move Monday! Every Monday I am sharing ONE workout move for you to fit into your daily schedule all week. You can do it! If you love the move carry it over to the next week. If it doesn’t serve you – give it a try and leave it behind. Ready for this week’s move?

Last week we came down to the ground for a Push-up Side Plank. Go ahead and lower all the way down to your bellies for this week’s Frog Press.


Week 4: Frog Press 

Begin on your stomach with legs long and head resting in your arms. Butterfly your knees out and bring the soles of your feet together. Activate the hamstrings by actively pressing feet together and float shins off the ground. This is your start position. Brace the core, engage your glutes to lift thighs off the ground. Hold for a moment and lower with control. Repeat 30x.


Add this booty targeting move to your workouts all week to start shaping that butt for bikini season. This is an awesome move to sneak in while you’re watching tv or lounging at home so no excuses! Let’s do it!

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