Move Monday // Curtsy Kick

Move Monday! Ready for a balance challenge? Balance training not only forces you to isolate targeted muscles and draw upon your strong core– it also challenges your mind! Balancing works out your neuromuscular coordination and strengthens the communication between your muscles and your brain. Add this focus challenging move to your routine this week for a body and mind workout.

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Week 6: Curtsy Kick

Stand with your legs turned out. Step your right foot behind and bend knees into curtsy lunge. Press into front left supportive foot, extend the left leg as you kick the back right leg to the side. As you kick your right leg, flex the foot and internally rotate the leg so your foot is parallel to the floor. Carefully lower leg behind and return to a curtsy lunge.  Complete 10 kicks and switch sides. 

Looking for a full 20 minute workout to add on to your kicks? Grab a basketball and take on my March Madness challenge workout!

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