Move Monday // Chair Side Plank

Move Monday! I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful holiday weekend AND I hope you used the opportunity to get moving and active with your loved ones. If you did, great! If not, now worries, it’s MONDAY and you have a new opportunity to make healthy moves. Start with this one! This Monday’s move is a Side Plank that incorporates a chair or bench. Grab your prop and let’s get to it! 

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Move Monday // Chair Side Plank 

Set up for a forearm side plank on the floor, with your head facing away from the seat of the chair and your feet under the chair. Place your top leg on the seat of chair. Flex your top foot actively and lift the kneecap by engaging the quadriceps. Press into your forearm, while bracing the core to lift the upper body and hips off the floor. This is your starting position. Now, use the inner thigh of the lower leg to lift it until it taps the bottom of the chair. Lower it to the ground with control. Keep the core braced and repeat lower leg lift. Repeat 2 sets on each leg, with 10-15 reps. Alternate legs. 

This is a great exercise move works your upper body and core with a focus on the inner thighs. 7 days –  one simple move – let’s do it!

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