MOVE MONDAY- This Monday’s move comes straight to you from my Lorna Jane Well Rounded Athlete Workout Series! I recently teamed up with Lorna Jane and Move Nourish Believe to bring you 4 exercise routines –  each focused on a different element of strength.  This Pilates move is one of five moves that make up the FOUNDATION workout. 
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Pilates Ab Footwork – Begin on your back with your arms by your sides and your legs in a table top position, knees directly over hips and shins parallel to the ground. Keep feet together and open knees hip distance. Reach arms forward, brace abs then lift your head and shoulders off of the ground. This is your start position. With control extend your legs straight out around 45 degrees. Draw knees in back over hips and repeat. Lower the legs for increased challenge. Repeat 2.
Try adding this foundation strengthening move to your workout routine for the week. Or head over to to take on the full 20-minute foundation workout!
You already finished MOVE 1 — that leaves you with only 4 more moves! GO FOR IT!
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