Bullock’s Body Burn Challenge



I love the New Year because it makes a great time to reflect on all that we have accomplished as well as the small changes we can make to improve our lives and the lives around us. I don’t believe in resolutions, because development¬†doesn’t occur through one big change, it occurs through small change that happen daily throughout your year. Each day is an opportunity to positively effect your life and many others.

I created a 30 day fitness program launching in the new year for my fans and friends. It’s an opportunity to make those small changes daily with 10-20 minute workouts that will get you fit, but also energize you, boost your mood and be light-hearted. Let the workouts guide you into a positive productive day.

Check out the introduction and get started any time of the year. Add my programs Evolution 20 and Super Shred afterward!



In health and happiness for 2017,

Chrissy xo

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