Love The Skin You’re In

Love the Skin Your In

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How I ❤️ thee – let me count the ways! I have been working with Lorna Jane Active and had the pleasure to know wonder woman Lorna Jane Clarkson for 5 years. The company and women who work there are an inspiration.

The international activewear line is different from most because instead of just selling clothing they focus on building up women from the inside out. Throughout the year they facilitate events all over the world that build relations between women, encourage constant growth, and focus on the internal beauty in the world of fitness which often focuses on the opposite.

The Inspired Women Series features many inspirational women like Lorna Jane, Zuzska Light, Anna Victoria, Bethany Bookin and more!



I will personally be speaking January 31st (the perfect date to come as your New Year inspo wanes).

 Event Description: Christine Bullock knows you only get one body and you only get one life and you must make the best of both. Join Christine Bullock as she empowers us to work on ourselves from the inside out whether that means fitness, wellness and beauty or entrepreneurship. Learn how to love the skin you’re in – a challenge we all are still learning to conquer.

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