Our 4 Year Fertility Journey

Working as a Pre & Post Natal Specialist I have had the honor to hear hundreds of pregnancy stories. Many are complicated in one way or another. Ours has been a journey and I thought I would share a piece of it for women and couples in need.

Robert and myself have had the blessing of going through a challenging fertility. We’ve been married 6.5 years and started casually “trying” to conceive a baby after marriage. When I wasn’t getting regular periods I sought out a fertility specialist. They immediately put me on hormones and started with IUI’s.

Long story short I had about 3 years of IUI’s on and off. Anyone that has gone through this knows you need a break from the hormones before you go mad. I was also living out of the country for work at times which delayed treatment. I sought natural remedies as well with herbs, 4 different acupuncturist specialists, reiki, massage, and reflexology. I feel like every week I was chasing after my health through these treatments.

After seeing the 3rd fertility doctor, he looked at my paperwork and told my I had hypothyroid. Why hadn’t anyone told me this before, who knows? This was one of the main issues I was having getting regular periods and producing quality eggs.

After being so tired of daily treatments, Robert and I made the group decision to save some eggs and take a break. As you will see through this video we only ended up with a heart shattering 1 single embryo, so we went all in with IVF implantation.

Happy ending: well it didn’t end up with a pregnancy – but this journey has blessed my view and vision of my purpose in my world, grown my relationship with God and my husband, and it made me one strong cookie. We all go through trying periods in our lives. I hope that this small story allows other women and men to feel the freedom to open up and share their “journey of strength” with other. Post video: Once I knew my issues (and since IVF didn’t work) I treated the root of my health. I feel much better and fingers crossed I get knocked up naturally. Until then, we fulfilled a life long wish of adopting a little girl name Remi Rain, but this is an entirely different story.

** Side note: after we created this story I became pregnant one month after the birth of our adopted daughter Remington. Unfortunately, I miscarried this pregnancy and one more pregnancy that occurred a month later. To all the women who have gone through fertility challenges and miscarriages I’m sorry and I can empathize with your frustration, pain, and sadness. Nothing makes this better, but we can only chose to focus on the positive. I found so much growth and strength in God, a stronger bond with my partner, and faith to tackle all miracles. Believe and you will receive. Try to enjoy each day until then.    xo


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