My Supplement Routine

In this video I’m going to walk you through my day with nutritional supplements from morning to night. The number one question I get asked is “What kind of nutritional supplements can I take?” So today I’m bringing you my tried and true nutritional supplements, some of which I have taken for the last decade, and really felt they’ve made a huge change in my overall health and in anti-aging.



#1 First, I take a probiotic to help with my digestion all day long. This is something that I have added more recently, and it has made a huge difference for me. I love this Bio-K Blueberry flavored fermented rice formula . It’s best to mix up your probiotics because they all have different bacteria. You’ll know it’s working if your belly feels good! Link:


#2 Royal Jelly. You’ve heard of honey, maybe even bee pollen too, but Royal Jelly is even more precious and rare. This superfood is a bit sour and tart, but it is packed with nutrients. Where the worker bees eat honey, only the queen eats Royal Jelly. I was first introduced to this when I was dealing with my hypothyroid and now I take about a pinky amount each and every morning.


#3 Thorne Mediclear Protein Powder is my go-to. Almost every amazing doctor I know recommends this brand because they trust where the nutrients come from and the amount of the nutrients. The chocolate flavor is amazing! Link:


#4 I also take spirulina every day and this tablet form, from energybits , is great for me to take on the go. These are packed with nutrients and vitamins that your body needs and they’re a complete protein for you. Spirulina is great for detoxing heavy metals as well as reducing the bad bacteria in your belly and helping the good bacteria grow. Link:


#5 Omegas. Everybody needs omegas! Your skin is made up of lipids and that is replenished by omegas so if you feel like you are dealing with skin disorders such as redness, dryness, eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc. this is something you should add into your supplementation. Omegas also help with preventing fine lines, increasing energy, and your brain working effectively. I love Bend Skincare , it is made up of quality ingredients and is highly recommended.

Here is my discount code for Bend Beauty: christinespring15%



#6 One of the newest additions to my supplement routine is collagen. Basically, collagen is a building block of protein for your skin that keeps your skin firm and tight and elastin is what gives it its bounce, so ideally, we want both of them. There are a couple of ways that I get my collagen. I love Bend Skincare’s Marine Collagen and I make it into a tea every single night. More recently I have added the Vital Proteins Bovine collagen and honestly this one is completely flavorless and so I add it to so many things. Lastly, I actually drink straight bone broth from BrothRX and what I love about it is that the animals are sustainably farmed and treated well. The benefits are huge; it’s great for gut-health, amazing for skin, packed with protein and it’s a really easy addition to my day that gives me the full nutrient profile that I need for my energy, my health and my beauty.

Here is my discount code for BrothRX: ChristineB15

Bend Skincare Marine Collagen Link: 

Vital Proteins Link:

Broth RX Link:

That’s my full supplementation and I recommend starting slowly! Depending on what you’re interested in – whether it’s gut health, beauty and antiaging, or energy levels – try it out. Give it a few weeks to work and comment below and let me know what you think!


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