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Workout with Christine + Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke Body is an effective, easy to follow, high quality workout in bite-sized increments. If you want flat sexy abs, lean toned legs or a whole body make-over, this fitness program is for you!

New Year, ReNEW 30 Day Fitness, Nutrition, & Beauty Program

An exciting new program leaving you energized, leaner, stronger, and totally committed to your health! Brooke and Christine are the body of evidence!

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#1 Free Fitness App. Workout anytime. Anywhere.

Stop paying to workout! Get lean, toned & fit, with personalized workout plans to help you reach your fitness goals - absolutely free. No strings attached.

Christine offers Pilates, HITT, barre, toning, strength, stretching, yoga, and prenatal workouts.

Age Defense Workouts

Sweat, Sculpt and Balance with Christine's workouts designed to have you looking good now and feeling good as you age. Christine mixes strength, power, flexibility, and stability exercises to help you reach all your physical goals.

“My body had never been in better shape than when I trained with you.”

Laura J.

“It has completely changed the way I work out at home!”

B. Dean on

“The Core Crusher workout is one of the best ab workouts I've ever done.”

Cin W. on

“I was blown away by the meal plan. It was definitely cheat eating at its finest.”

House of Healthy

"I have no butt but working out to this for 1 week showed dramatic improvements."

Danielle on

Keep It Simple, Sexy Podcast

Overwhelmed by wellness advice? Feeling good is about to get a whole lot easier.

Join me, as I cut through the noise to reveal the simplest, science-backed ways to tone up, feel more energized, boost your immunity, and more.


Essential Nutrition for Complete Body Wellness

Our bodies are constantly fending off pollutants, stressors, and lack of rest leaving us looking and feeling depleted. Kayo supplements are designed to provide convenient and complete nutrition to feel and look your best at every age.


Total Body Wellness with Christine

Easy to prepare vegan and gluten-free recipes, beauty tips, ingredient education, and free workouts on Christine's wellness blog.

Top Trainer with Over 20 Years Experience

Christine holds certifications in Yoga, Pilates, General Fitness, Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Nutritional Counseling as well as has a B.A. in Psychology and Education.