Meet Christine

I’m the founder and CEO of Kayo Body Care®, certified fitness expert, trusted voice in nutrition and wellness, podcast host, and mother.

I live to help people build fitter, stronger, healthier bodies so that they can fulfill their highest potential.


Fitness & Nutrition Expert

+ Yoga
+ Pilates
+ General Fitness
+ Massage Therapy
+ Prenatal + Post-natal fitness
+ Nutritional Counseling

Christine has coached and mentored thousands of women from ages 16-90, everyone from novices to professional athletes. Christine has created multiple fitness and nutrition programs including Evolution 20, Super Shred, Body Reborn, and 10 Minute Solutions: Butt Lift that support beauty and healthy aging and continues to craft innovative workouts for top-rated FitOn and Brooke Burke Body apps.

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Fitness Personality + Model

Christine holds certifications in Yoga, Pilates, General Fitness, Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Nutritional Counseling as well as has a B.A. in Psychology and Education.Christine was a finalist in Women’s Health “Next Fitness Star” competition. She is a go-to wellness expert and can be seen on NBC, E!, VH-1, Star TV, California Life and PopSugar. She has been featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health, Europe’s biggest fitness magazine Sport & Fitness, as well as featured in Men’s Health & FHM. Christine is a reoccurring contributor for many magazines and websites including Byrdie, Oxygen Magazine, Yahoo Health,, InStyle, Women’s Health, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health,, well + Good, Mind Body Green, Bustle, In Touch Magazine, Life & Style, Fitness RX, The Bump, Fit Pregnancy and many more.

She is recognized as a top fitness model representing the world’s elite brands such as P-90X, Insanity, Equinox, American Gladiators, Metaball, And Sports Authority to name a few.


Wellness is My Life

+ Nutritional Counseling

Through my own evolution I’ve learned the innate connection between health and true happiness. The better we feel, the more our vitality positively impacts everything in our lives from our relationships to our work.

Fitness is where it began, but it evolved to include wellness when I discovered that pushing my body too hard had detrimental affects. As I strove to find balance, my focus turned to sustainable healthy habits. My mission is to positively impact the health and in turn the happiness of as many people as possible.

This lead to the creation of Kayo Body Care supplements. Each supplement is unique, made with purpose and focused on maximum bioavailability for maximum absorption and affect.


Brand Founder

In my many years of being a fitness trainer, I learned that self-care leads to self-confidence. I founded Kayo in 2015 with the purpose to build self-confidence through cultivation of total body health.

Your body isn’t the same from day to day – or even moment to moment. Our formulas have the same concentration of active ingredients found in premium facial products but are designed to target the body, delivering brighter, tighter, younger-looking skin from chin to toes.

Kayo Body Care®


Pre & Post-Natal Expert

+ Prenatal + Post-natal fitness
+ Nutritional Counseling

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Mother & Wife

They say time flies when you’re having fun. I cherish this time with my family so much. It’s full of laughter, creativity, fun, growth, and love. We’re the Simons. We are organized chaos and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are a family filled, surrounded, and started with love.

I waited six years for my first baby, my adopted miracle, Remi Rain, and almost ten years for my second baby, Poppy Skye...and surprise! Baby Simon #3 on the way! Through 5 years of failed IVF, multiple miscarriages, endless medical treatments, and just a little hole in my heart waiting for them – we never gave up faith they would fill that hole one day. Waiting for these babies was the most important lesson of my life. Our dreams are not always fulfilled on our planned schedule but as long as we don’t give up believing they will come true.


What Adoption Has Meant To Us

Adoption is something I always dreamed of doing and had a deep desire in my heart. There are fears going into it but there are for any new journey.

Remi has blessed our family abundantly with joy, laughter and peace. We are mommy and daughter. I didn’t create her but I get to mold her, support her, and love her unconditionally. She’s my soul baby.

Remi’s life and adoption have already changed the course for 4 other children. They were adopted after their parents watched our adoption videos online. If adoption is a dream I urge you to pursue it. There is a child waiting for a parents love, patience and protection. We make a better world by raising it. Love you Remi Rain. You’re my rock star!